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Specialty Care Live provides Medical and Surgical Specialties to provide Virtual Care Telemedicine Consultations for Hospitals, Clinics and remote worksites to increase access to Specialty Care when and where you need it.

How it works


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You will get connected to our Care Coordinator who will confirm information and review injury as well as collect past medical history.


One of our representatives will connect you with our medical team.

Receive care from home, office or wherever. Care coordinator will connect you to physician/specialist who shall review your injury, conduct a physical exam, assess and diagnose the issue and implement a treatment plan


Get back in shape - Get back to life.

After the physician has diagnosed the issue, our care coordinator will review instructions, schedule follow-up visits if necessary and send a secure email with visit summary and follow-ups.

About us

What makes Specialty Care Live the Leader?

Specialty Care Live expands the options for telemedicine to include many medical and surgical specialities. By providing these service lines, we can either provide either stand-alone specialities to sites where none is currently offered or available. Additionally and just as commonly, we can augment or supplement existing clinical staff by providing specialist availability where clinical staffing is inconsistent, or not adequate to meet the need. By offering a stream-lined solution that is both cost-effective and can help improve the quality of care offered.

Our physicians, who have active clinical practices themselves, use our evidence-based approach and protocols to deliver a conservative and appropriate care plan for patients in conjunction with local providers. Whether it is a non-emergent condition where a consultation would be beneficial, an emergent evaluation of a new condition which may occasionally be treated locally, or initial stabilization recommendations for emergent conditions while waiting a transfer, we provide broad access to the appropriate specialists. We also know and appreciate that not all conditions can or should be evaluated and treated using Telemedicine, and the facility and its providers also play significant factors in these decisions.

Lastly, If your facility has an existing telemedicine service we can seamlessly integrate with it, or add additional service lines to your existing telemedicine unit as needed. In the event that a new service is being established we provide turn-key solutions customized to meet your specific needs.

Differentiating Specialty Care Live from other Telemedicine Providers

  • Many different medical and surgical specialties available via our board-certified telemedicine providers
  • Specialist consultation services available 24/7 via telemedicine platform. Initial call-back times range from 5 minutes for emergencies to 15 minutes for urgent conditions, and 30 minutes for routine conditions in the ED, depending on specialty. Backup connectivity options provided. Industry First.
  • Initial contact for a consultation is a physician-to-physician interaction. Overlapping call shifts allow for seamless patient care and follow-up when indicated. Industry First.
  • Available ED and inpatient consultations, as well as follow-up consultations. Rounding services available.
  • Quarterly volume assessment, diagnosis matrices, quality assurance and disposition data provided.
  • Turn-key or a la carte integration of physician services and technology platform creating customized solutions for each facility needs, budgets and goals. Industry First.
  • Our proprietary physician staffing model allows the specialists to be paired with the same hospitals on an ongoing basis, maximizing continuity of care and building lasting professional relationships. Industry First.
  • Specialist physicians and surgeons are specialists in their field, with advanced training who are committed to providing high quality care and supporting the community mission. All physicians have ownership options within our company. Industry First.
  • Ongoing peer-initiated and reviewed research aimed at the continuing improvement of care, outcomes and services delivery where permitted. Industry First.
  • Individual, hospital specific training available. Online video training for ancillary providers includes specialty specific assessments, red flags, etc. Specialized discharge instruction available. Industry First.
  • Specialty Care Live supports and manages non-profit initiatives focused on global health and improving the delivery of care. Industry First.
  • Synergy with local specialists - our goal is to be non-competitive, providing staffing as needed to patients, and supporting local specialists wherever possible.

What is Telemedicine?


Although it sounds modern, even futuristic, the first reference to telemedicine in the medical literature appeared in 1950 (Zundel, 1996), and was the transmission of radiologic images by telephone between West Chester and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a distance of 24 miles. Specialty Care Live connects specialists with distant patients and caregivers using the most sophisticated computer platform and software available to allow for meaningful and complete interactions between patients and caregivers. By providing access to specialists in areas that are either unavailable, under-served or where the existing specialists are over-utilized, we allow a level of care and interaction that helps redefine the local standard of care. By providing specialist consultations and care, we hope to improve the improve the patient- physician experience, improve diagnostic accuracy and the care delivery, allow for certain patients to be cared for locally without the need for transfer, with improved efficiencies in the delivery of services. In short, Specialty Care Live defines quality, value-based care.



The software and hardware platform and linkage allows for seamless, face-to-face interaction between the consulting physician and local provider and/or patient, effectively marking a new era in medicine. We partner with the most sophisticated technology providers in the world bringing you a complete package of physician services and technology.



Our physicians are experts in their chosen fields, which range from neurology to nonoperative neurosurgery to behavioral health. When needed, remote telemedicine consultations can save time and money, and help potentially improve the quality of care delivered locally.



Technology + Specialists = TeleMedicine. Healthcare is rapidly changing. Advancements in modern medicine allow for unprecedented coverage and more complete care to delivered close to home in many cases. We are leading the industry with innovation and fields of service, offering for the first time numerous specialities not previously utilized.