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16/9/2020 Sophia Hogg

Ankle Surgery

What is Ankle Surgery?

Ankle surgery might be an option when more conservative treatments do not relieve ankle pain caused by serious arthritis. The kind of surgery that is right for you depends upon your age, your level of activity, and the seriousness of your joint damage or deformity. Seriously affected ankle joints might require to have the bones fused together or even replaced with an artificial joint.

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Ankle fusion

In this procedure, the surgeon roughens the ends of the affected bones and then fastens them together with metal plates and screws. During the healing process, the affected bones fuse together into one combined bone.

Ankle fusion is normally very successful in relieving arthritis pain. But it also limits the ankle's motion. To make up for this, nearby joints might move more which increases the risk of developing arthritis in these joints.

Ankle fusion is generally suggested for younger people with more active lifestyles. Compared with ankle replacement, ankle fusion:

  • Is usually more durable
  • Needs fewer restrictions in activity during recovery

Ankle replacement

In this procedure, the surgeon removes the ends of the affected bones and fits a plastic and metal replacement joint onto them. The artificial joint helps the ankle retain more natural movement, so there is less risk of arthritis developing in the nearby joints. Although, loosening of the components might happen.

Artificial ankle joints are usually suggested for healthy people above the age of 60 who have less active lifestyles. High impact activities like running and jumping might damage an artificial ankle joint.

Ankle replacement may not be a good choice if you:

  • Are younger than 50

  • Have weakened ankle ligaments

  • Participate in high impact sports or work

  • Have misaligned ankle bones

  • Are significantly overweight

  • Have nerve damage from diabetes

  • Are a heavy smoker

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