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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide specialist telemedicine consultations for emergent and non-emergent conditions encountered in Emergency Departments and Hospitals. Our team consists of Board Certified specialists in Neurology (TeleStroke), Neurosurgery and Spine, Behavioral Health, Emergency Psychiatry and Emergency Pediatrics, as well as more than a dozen other subspecialities. These services are available for Emergency Department and inpatient telemedicine consultations.

Why Telemedicine

The majority of medical conditions and injuries are treated locally without the need for specialty consultation or involvement. In fact, this typically represents ~95% of conditions encountered in the local Emergency Department. However, some conditions encountered locally may either benefit from a specialist consultation or may require input from a specialist for complete care. These patients are typically transferred to tertiary care centers as many local emergency departments and hospitals there is limited access to medical and surgical subspecialties.

Telemedicine allows for the delivery of specialist consultations in hospitals with limited access, all with the equivalent clinical results as direct face-to-face encounters. As a result, there has been significant growth in telemedicine, in particular in such areas as TeleStroke, Emergency Psychiatry and Behavioral Health. We have found that roughly 90% of telemedicine consultation requests do not require immediate intervention, but rather a plan of care can be initiated locally.


Improving Healthcare. Reducing Costs


    Beyond the diagnosis, a second opinion provides us with a chance to ask questions, understand the options, and help in deciding whether to proceed with a potentially risky therapy or not and thereby restore confidence that the treatment plan recommended is appropriate.


    Good medical services provide smart, proactive, and informed choices that patients can trust with confidence.


    The advantages of second opinions are many: financial, physical and psychological. Providing these services remotely via our cutting-edge HIPAA-compliant technology, XperTeleConsult™ system, will improve patient access to medical care and no need for fixing appointments, waiting at the clinic, privacy, etc.


    Second opinions have been found to bring down cost of healthcare and reduces misdiagnoses.

Why Specialty Care Live

Our mission is to provide Specialty Care Live expands the options for telemedicine to include individual service lines for Neurology + Stroke Neurology and Emergency Psychiatry, as well as Neurosurgery and Spine - compiling for the first time a complete telemedicine platform. Our other specialties include: Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Urology, ENT, General Surgery/Trauma, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Critical Care and others. By providing specialist availability where it is limited, inconsistent or not available, we are able to offer a streamlined solution that is both cost-effective and can help improve the quality of care offered.

Staffed by Board-Certified surgeons and medical specialists, we provide guidance and expertise to help evaluate and manage atypical, challenging and worrisome conditions in the ED when needed. By providing telemedicine specialist consultations, we support and assist local providers in managing and treating patients with conditions that would benefit from a consultation, and we provide confidence to patients and families that they are receiving the highest quality of care without needing to transfer.

Our physicians, who have active clinical practices themselves, use our evidence-based approach and protocol to deliver a conservative and appropriate care plan for patients in conjunction with local providers. Whether it is a non-emergent condition where a consultation would be beneficial (i.e. spinal fracture, acute agitation, an incidental finding on imaging, no perceived injury after a significant mechanism MVC, a significant electrolyte abnormality or the need for an EKG review), an emergent evaluation or initial stabilization recommendations for emergent conditions while waiting a transfer, we provide access to specialists when needed.

If your facility has an existing telemedicine service, we can seamlessly integrate with it, or add additional service lines to your existing telemedicine unit as needed. In the event that a new service is being established, we provide turn-key solutions customized to meet your needs.