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Low back pain hurts, it’s inconvenient, and often very expensive. Specialty Care Live offers a new way to get better and stay better using smart, online tools and expert guidance.


Our Back & Spine Pain Services

Specialty Care Live offers our patients leading-edge solutions for back pain and spine pain, either of the acute or chronic variety. Pain management is one of the most important parts of a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Specialty Care Live is based on the clinical experience and expertise of our specialists and the most recent low back pain research from over 100 clinical studies. The result – Specialty Care Live users get immediate relief from their low back pain and learn the skill necessary to keep it from coming back.

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Patient Satisfaction with Telehealth

Patient satisfaction with telemedicine is very high at 98.3% and for good reasons. Reduced costs and more convenient access to personalized therapeutic content and provider guidance strongly encourage patients to adopt and utilize Digital health solutions.

Digital health is safe, efficient, and convenient for both patients and providers. It is often cited as the method preferred by patients who demand timely access to their doctors. Many medical conditions and testing procedures do not require the physical presence of a physician or the time and expense of an office visit.

Telehealth solutions answer the problems of cost, access, and convenience while achieving desired outcomes. Telehealth solutions may in fact be the perfect vehicle to effect the greatest therapeutic change in patients and lower cost for all stakeholders. Telehealth closes the distance and collapses time between provider and patient and enables faster insight into the patient’s condition, progress, and ongoing needs.

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